President’s Welcome

It’s that time of year again when we can join together as an ASHRAE chapter to reconnect with colleagues and learn about advancements in all topics HVAC&R. Our September meeting started off with a tour of the new STEM building at UVM, which was very well attended. The Newsletter serves as a summary of events and is filled with information relevant to you, including upcoming events both.

Since our September meeting is a tour, we have moved the presentation of the slate to October. After the swearing-in process, your ASHRAE chapter’s officers will be:

  • Chapter President: Blaine D. Conner
  • Chapter President-Elect: Brent Weigel, PhD, PE
  • Chapter Vice President: Nicholas Thiltgen, PE
  • Chapter Treasurer: Jeremiah Trombly, PE
  • Chapter Secretary: Charlie Carpenter, EIT
  • Chapter BOG: Michael R Cook
  • Chapter BOG: Robert Favali
  • Chapter BOG: Shawn R LaBelle
  • Chapter BOG: Nathan D Mascolino
  • Chapter BOG: Rob Ward
  • Chapter BOG: Richard J Wilcox

Those listed above, and all the others who contribute to our chapter through serving in committees, curating events and outings, and attending the monthly meetings are all part of what makes our Chapter strong, It is an honor and a privilege to serve as the Chapter president, and I look forward to a great ASHRAE year.

Blaine D. Conner
ASHRAE CVC President