Student Activities


September SA Update

As Student Activities (SA) chairperson for the 2016/2017 year, my primary goal is to begin putting down roots in all the areas where the chapter is not yet present.

Starting at the top, the Champlain Valley Chapter (CVC) only has one student ASHRAE club which is at Vermont Technical College (VTC). I would like to help start at least one more collegiate club – at UVM; students have already expressed interest and I will be meeting help set up their organization. VTC is also the only school to host annual ASHRAE student design competition teams. Because enrollment in these events is easier, I hope that teams from both UVM and Norwich will be willing to participate. There are only 35-40 submissions each year from around the entire country, so Vermont schools have the opportunity to make an significant impact. Furthermore, a new ASHRAE course on building bench marking has caught the interest of professors at VTC who wish to introduce the curriculum this year.

During my time at these college, I will also promote the several ASHRAE scholarships offered to students each year with the goal of having at least one applicant this year. All students will be invited to encourage to go to CVC meetings. We hope to designate a special meeting day in the spring to welcome new member.

The SA program is also intended to generate interest among K-12 students. The Hannaford Career Center (9-12) in Middlebury, VT has various STEM courses, including a specific mechanical sciences program. ASHRAE has released a number of activities aimed specifically at this age group which I will be exploring this semester as we try to introduce some of these modules in the spring semester.

By the end of the year, I hope to recruit a vice chair to serve with me briefly before they take over as chair next year.

Leo Spinzen

Leo Spritzen

Student Activities Chair