GGAC December Update

Grassroots Government Advocacy Committee Agencies Seek Help on Siting Solar projects State agencies are pursuing further information from the Public Utility Commission on qualifying circumstances regarding “preferential treatment” of new renewable energy rules... read more

GGAC November Update

Grassroots Government Advocacy Committee Noise Limits for Wind Turbines On 10/12/17, Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules intensely discussed with lawmakers a proposed rule on noise limits for wind turbines. The rule proposed by the Public Utility Commission... read more

GGAC October Update

Grassroots Government Advocacy Committee Act 250 Commission Reassessment Six legislators charged with re-evaluating Act 250, the state’s land use law, met for the first time on Wednesday 9/20/17. Legislators will review the goals of the state’s land use law and... read more

September Historian Update

A Note from the History Chair Welcome back everyone for the 2017-2018 ASHRAE year for the Champlain Valley Chapter and time is upon us to settle into our committee chair responsibilities and plan our individual goals and objectives for the year. As Chapter Historian,... read more

September GGAC Update

GGAC Goals First and foremost is establishing individuals that would be members of the GGAC camp. I currently have enlisted one individual and anticipate signing on another within the next few weeks. Establishing this early in year is very important so that our... read more

September CTTC Update

For the 2017/18 year as CTTC chair, I have a few different objectives I am looking to meet.  First, the meetings will span a wide variety of topics, in order to benefit the different members of our chapter.  Two meetings will be facility tours, one of a new “green”... read more

September SA Update

As Student Activities (SA) chairperson for the 2016/2017 year, my primary goal is to begin putting down roots in all the areas where the chapter is not yet present. Starting at the top, the Champlain Valley Chapter (CVC) only has one student ASHRAE club which is at... read more

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