Chapter History


Year End Summary 2010-2011
Leadership recall interview:
Peter Bailey
Year End Summary


Year End Summary 2009-2010
Leadership recall interviews
S Poole
Heather Condon


2009 Gold Ribbon History Submission on Loran Appleby
~ by Amy K.C. Patenaude

2007 – 2008

2008 Gold Ribbon History Submission on Bernie Young
~ by Amy K.C. Patenaude
Year End Summary 2007-2008
Jerry Chabot President Bio 2007-2008
2007 Gold Ribbon History Submission on Lois and Gordie Root
~ by Amy K.C. Patenaude

2006 – 2007

Year End Summary 2006-2007
Jay Pilliod President Bio 2006-2007
“The Chronicle” – A compiled history of the chapter updated in 2005
~ by Tom Zoller and Amy Patenaude utilizing previous compilations of past chapter Historian Loran Appleby. (26Mb)

Chapter History by decade

1969-1979 Year End Summaries
1979-1989 Year End Summaries
1989-1999 Year End Summaries
1999-2007 Year End Summaries

Past President biographical information by decade

1969-1979 Past President Bio’s
1979-1989 Past President Bio’s
1989-1999 Past President Bio’s
1999-2007 Past President Bio’s

2007 Leadership recall interviews

(Click on the past presidents of other chapters in our region to see their response to interview questions.)

Sean Bronson 2005-2006 Connecticut Chapter president
Craig Marshall 2005-2006 Long Island Chapter president
Garry Myers 2005- Region 1 DRC
Rick Dean 2005-2006 Bi-State Chapter president
Eric Glatzl 2005-2006 New York Chapter president

2006 Past Presidents Leadership recall interviews

(The leadership recall interview process although started as a way solely to gain PAOE points proved to be a very rewarding exercise. Click on the past presidents name below to see their response to my interview questions.)

1969-1970 William Lotz P.E. (Para-phrased from phone interview)
1974-1975 Gordon Root Sr. P.E.
1976-1977 Giustino N. Mastro, P.E.
1979-1980 Oscar Blatchly P.E.
1983-1984 William A. Fyfe P.E.
1989-1990 Bernard J. Young
1990-1991 Edward E. Pearson P.E.
1991-1992 Gordon W. Root, JR. P.E.
1992-1993 Richard J. Wilcox
1994-1995,98-99 Leo Loannou
1995-1996 Michael A. Gallo P.E.
1996-1997 Steve Poole
2000-2001 Peter Tousley
2002-2003 Amy K.C. (Cota) Patenaude P.E.
2003-2004 David Anderson
2004-2005 Tom Zoller P.E.